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After analysing different requirements, we come up with tailored business plan that suits your purposes.

About Us

Our vision and goals

Investment in Ukraine is a brand of Ukrainify group. We are a team of professionals committed to make international business successful in Ukraine. We have the experience of launching numerous projects in Ukraine. Our team is always ready to listen to your plans and find the best project on the market or if there is no appropriate one – to create new one individually for you.

Our vision is to globalize Ukrainian business and localize international business in Ukraine. Our mission is to turn ideas to reality.

Consultancy Fields

The fields where we can offer you an investment consultancy



IT sector


Factory & Production

Marketing Services

Tools and services we use to promote your business

We are cooperating with our sister company Ukraine IT that is specialized in IT solutions for effective marketing all over Ukraine.

We can provide you alternative solutions for effectively entering Ukrainian market. Market analysis, segmentation, corporate identity, branding, promotion… and all other professional means, which will be utilised for a result-oriented Market Entry activity for your brand.

Our services include

Website Construction

Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media Marketing

Multilevel Marketing

Business Services

Tools and services we use to promote your business

If you want to start a business in Ukraine and need guidance in legal issues and official issues; as Investment in Ukraine we provide consultancy service. We will make sure that your relationship with the official entities in Ukraine is professionally managed. In the framework of our standard Business Services we do not take any direct role in your business. Our service is limited with providing consultancy service regarding the legal and official issues. We do not involve in your business initiatives. In this service, Investment in Ukraine takes a fixed payment from the investor. For the prices regarding our Business Services, please contact us.

Our services include

Company Establishment

Accounting Services

Legal Services

Patent & Copyright


Conditions and terms of our work

Relationship between the representatives ‘Investment in Ukraine’ and the Investor will be determined upon negotiation. Investment in Ukraine might take get a fixed payment, constant commission from the business or become a shareholder in the business. All depends on mutual agreement.

Business plans

Strategies and plans we are able to develop for you

Short-term Business Plan

For instance, buying a land in Ukraine, constructing villas, selling the villas and collect the invested money with the due profit

Medium-term Business Plan

For instance, buying a factory or a brand that has the potential to grow but does not have enough financial power; and sell it after bringing it to a certain level of success

Long-term Business Plan

For instance, establishing a company in Ukraine and building an international brand related to promising sectors in Ukraine


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